Thursday, 8 April 2010

Superb Ka Wai shines

Sanofi 0

It may well be a comfortable victory, but still, there are quite a bit of talking points. Manager Woo, playing as the target man, forbade himself from using headers because of a recent neck sprain. But it was the team's aerial force that marked the breakthrough. Ka Wai simply won everything in the air, both upfront and in rearguard. He headed a brace by two set pieces. Kevin, whom I have known since 1988, scored by his well timed header for the very first time, thanking to Ka Wai's decent cross. The defensive efficacy is well reflected by the clean sheet on the scoreboard. The work rate of WM Leung was eye-catching, giving zero chance to the opponents.
A well deserved win.

Gk: Willie/ WM Leung
Def: Willie/WM Leung, FuSee, KaWai, Lung
Mid: Alwin(C), Yuen, Kevin, KC Leung
For: Woo

1st goal: Ka Wai (Assist: Kevin)
2nd goal: Woo
3rd goal: Ka Wai (Yuen)
4th goal: Yuen (Alwin)
5th goal: Kevin (Ka Wai)


bong said...

seem I missed a great match ><

Anonymous said...

I should keep the ball as souvenir.

Yuen said...

Woo, I want to print out and enjoy your superb report during toilet time! It's so well written. Even I myself was involved in the game and knew what'd happened, I felt myself to be "upgraded" (升呢) to players in European leagues, simply because of your writings!!!

Woo said...

May be I should publish a book as a collection of those articles then.