Tuesday, 24 February 2009

So far So good

RH United (doctors + HRC): 6
Wan Chai youngsters: 4

An unforgetable night for Woo and Alwin. It's so good to keep scoring...

Gk: Willie
Def: Lung, WM, Woo, black shirt
Mid: 13, 14, Fan, Grey shirt
For: Alwin, 9

9, 13, black and grey shirt from HRC, 14: a foreign player from UK who joined on site.

Alwin (3), Woo (1), 9 (1), 14 (1)

Wonder of the match: Woo's left-footed half volley from 20 yards, unbelievable.
Goal of the match: Alwin's zero angle shot.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Practice Session 23/2/09

Please kindly report your availability for the following Practice Session.

Date/Time : 23/2/09 (Mon) 6:00-8pm

Venue : 灣仔公園硬地場

Thursday, 5 February 2009



此仗己隊強陣出擊,後有一柱擎天的 Ben,中有 Ka Wai、KC,前有 Bong,再加上隊長 Alwin 重拾射門鞋,對手又沒有預期的强勁,我方大勝不無道理。

Attendees : David, Ben, Leung WM, Willie, KC, Ka Wai, Bong, Alwin, Fan, 2 friends of Bong
Scores : Bong (2), Alwin (2), Ka Wai (2)
Assists : Alwin (1), Ka Wai (1), Ben (1)

Goal of the Match : Ka Wai 接應右路高空波,一記 "fade away" 頭槌,皮球巧妙地笠過對方出迎的守門員,笠入遠柱。

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

HKMA football day

HKMA Football Day 2009 will be held at CUHK Sir Philip Hadden-Cave Football Field on 22 March 2009 (Sunday).
Please note that there is a change of match day. Kindly please update your schedule.

Players confirmed coming:Woo, Lung, KC Leung, WM Leung, Bong, Kevin Tsang, Perry, Jerry, Yuen, Alwin
Players should be coming but not yet confirmed: Fan