Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Coming Match 3/6/2010

Please kindly report your availability for the following match.

Date/Time : 3/6/2010 (Thur) 6:30-8pm

Venue : 鰂 魚涌公園一期人 造草場

vs Boehringer

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Defeat of the year


No excuse.
The manager had to apologize to all teammates and supporters for the poor performance.

1st Goal: Woo
2nd Goal: Woo (Assist Willie)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Coming Match 25/5/2010

Please kindly report your availability for the following match.

Date/Time : 25/5/2010 (Tue) 6:00-8pm

Venue : 柴灣公園硬地場


Superb KC on target

Mak's invitation team 2

With many of our players unavailable, we saw no chance of winning.
We were two down very soon after kick off. Willie's brilliant saves prevented further loss at the expense of a finger injury. Good luck and get well soon Willie.
The introduction of a super sub proved to be the turning point. CK Chu, the former Hong Kong international midfielder, functioned as a play-maker for us. He inspired the team, and in particular, KC.
KC's spectacular dribble was concluded by a breathe-taking shot. Woo's off the ball run did help creating space for the make up of this vital first goal.
Lone striker Woo's below par performance might probably be related to the minor head injury in the opening stage of the game, which reminded him of his horrible nightmare in 2005.
Yuen's far post shot regained him the reputation as a reliable scorer. Had it been a few inches wide, it would be another disaster.
Difficult game, lucky to get a draw.


1st Goal: KC (assist, CK Chu)
2nd Goal: Yuen (assist, a 12-year-old boy)

Gk: Willie/Ah Keung
Def: Ah Keung/Willie, Mak Sir, WM Leung,
Mid: CK Chu, Kevin, FuSee, Yuen, Fan, KC, 12-year-old boy
For: Woo

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Coming Match 20/5/2010

Please kindly report your availability for the following match.

Date/Time : 20/5/2010 (Thur) 6:30-8pm

Venue : 鰂魚涌公園一期人造草場

vs Mak's invitation team

Team Color: BLUE

Salute to partnership

Sanofi-aventis 1
There is no sure win in football. If you think that way, you'll be punished.
We were very closed, to be punished, I mean.
The CU Medic 94 Woo-Kevin combination has established their partnership from the soil of Chung Chi Football field since 1988. Kevin's intention to cross his corner kick to near post was well read by Woo, whose header was just too powerful to be parried by the goal keeper.
The match wasn't that easy though. The visiting team played with patience and controlled the midfield. Chance after chance, they eventually pulled level with a nice mid range shot.
But Yuen, Woo and Alwin, who have teamed up for more than 10 years, demonstrated another attacking masterpiece. Alwin passed the ball to Woo and ghosted into the box. Yuen cleared the path for him with a decent run to the left. Woo controlled the ball well and fed Alwin with a clear through ball. Alwin's shot might have been partially blocked and deflected by the goalie, but with the protection of Yuen, it went in.
Exhaustion was the main theme in the last 30 minutes. After all we only had nine. But concentration, determination and once again partnership, this time in the defence department, comprising of KC, Keung, FuSee, WM and Willie, did the compensation.
Salute to partnership. Salute to all teammates. Proud of you guys!
1st Goal scorer: Woo (Assist: Kevin)
2nd Goal scorer: Alwin (Assist: Woo, Yuen (Yuen deserved this as this goal might have been cleared without his protection))
Line up:
Gk: Willie
Def: Keung, KC, WM, FuSee
Mid: Kevin, Alwin, Yuen
For: Woo