Thursday, 31 May 2007



Sunset Fa 2

David (GK);Def: 龍、Willie、 和*;Mid: 范、A楊、希*;For:胡
Rotation: A楊細佬*、偉文、小平、King
入球:希 (兩球)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Injured Goalkeeper Playing Guitar...

We have 2 excellent goalkeepers in our team. One is tall and thin, called David. The other one is a bit fatter; called Jerry. (Oh! Don't misunderstand. He is not the one with white hair in the photos.)

Despite Jerry's mass, his reaction time is one of the fastest I've ever seen. Truly, the number of goals we lost greatly decreased after his joining.

Jerry was injured 2 weeks ago while he tried to save my shoot during warmup (sorry, :P). As you can see in this photo, his left 4th finger was sprained.

Luckily, he can still play good guitar with a splint.

If you are interested in his songs (His band is called "Surrender"). Do check this out :

Hope that he will recover soon and rejoin our matches !!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Team Photos

Nearly everyone who visited this blog complained that the team photos are too small. Here are the full sized ones...

Friday, 25 May 2007

New Membership Fee Scheme Takes Effect from 1st June 2007

To reiterate, the following new membership fee payment scheme will take effect from 1st June 2007,

Maintenance fee: $100 per person, collected once every few months to half-a-yearly. The money collected will be added to our team main capital which is used to pay for the laundry fee, some costs like buying drinking water, balls, renewal of goalkeeper gloves, etc.

Attendance fee: $10 per person per session played. This is to cover half of the rental fee of the soccer pitch of that session while the other half will be paid by our opponents. Any surplus will automatically go to our main capital. I will collect this in a lump sum when certain amount is accumulated. You are most welcome to check your latest balance on this blog's right hand column.

Thanks for your support.

Call of Duty on 31-5-07...

Please report your availability on 31-5-07 6:30-8pm, Taikooshing artificial grass, vs Sports Association.

History of our team...

I joined this team since 2002 after I finished my internship. I don't even know that our team has been here for 10 years. Can Woo, Yuen or other 創隊元老 write us something about the history of our team?

What is our best team format?

In my opinion, it will be 3-2-2 in a 8-person match, and 3-2-1 in a 7-person match. What do you think?

Thursday, 24 May 2007

24-5-07 Match Review

I would like to celebrate the birth of this blog with today's wonderful victory against QEH. It is a revenge for our loss during the PDA Cup last year. Despite Lung and my younger brother have been helping them, we still won with a final score of 2:0. Both Woo and I scored.

We also welcome Bong, our future RH surgeon in coming July, to join our team. He is a good striker. You can see him in the team photo I post here.

Attendee : Me, Woo, Lung, Fan, Yip, Derek, Willie, David, Tsang, KC, Bong.

Birthday of this Blog

Having joined the soccer team of RH TWEH for several years, I always feel that little communications exist among us after the matches and busy work at hospital. This may be one of the factors that hinder our improvement in soccer skills (apart from aging and joint degenerations).

Out of the blue, I have a funny idea. Why not create a blog and let all of us share some of the thoughts after our matches?

That's the main reason I create this blog. I will post some of the team photos and matches photos later. You are most welcome to send me some if you have.

Ok, let's cut crap and kick some good soccer, and most important of all, enjoy the game!!