Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hei's team     2

The Hong Kong east derby ended up in a draw.
The home team gave away a two-goal lead in the closing 15 minutes. No loser, and no winner.

Gk: Keung
Def: WM Leung, FuSee, Woo, Willie
Mid: J Law, Cheong, Kevin, Alwin, Pierre
For: Fan

Goal 1: Cheong (Kevin)
Goal 2: Fan (J Law)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

One is enough

Mak's team 2

Probably the best Mak's team in recent years.
As usual they have a group of veteran players with good skill. What makes the difference this time is the presence of an outstanding youngster. One is enough to make a change.
We pulled back at last. Good fighting spirit!

Gk: Keung
Def: Willie, Eddy, FuSee, WM Leung
Mid: Edwin, Terence, J Law, Cheong, Alwin, Lung
For: Woo, Fan

Goal 1: J Law (Lung)
Goal 2: Cheong (Edwin)