Thursday, 21 January 2010

Not too bad

Yau Luen 3

It may be too difficult to get a result from a full team Yau Luen, with a few of our own key players missing. But I am proud of all teammates when I saw the guys normally dressed in white coat somehow physically matched a team comprising of well trained armed force. We might have made some errors, both in defence and attack, we might have given away the ball too easily, or we might lack a bit of concentration, and that cost us the game. But I saw excellent sportsmanship from all of us, just played fair, and enjoyed football. We lost a game, but performance-wise we are not too bad, well, pretty good actually.

Goal 1: Scorer: Lun (guest player), Assist: Derek
Goal 2: Scorer: Woo, he hit the target at the far post with his right foot in a counter attack, Assist: Lun (guest player)

Gk: Willie
Def: Ben, Derek, FuSee, Kay (guest player)
Mid: Fan, Lun (guest player), Ming (guest player), Alwin, KC (injured at end of 1st half)
For: Woo