Friday, 28 April 2017

A day to forget, a match to remember

AZ 4

Sometimes you have days like this. You've done things right yet things go wrong.
Sometimes you have games like this. You keep trying. You are close, but you know you won't make it.

Goals: J Law (Pierre), J Law (Fan), Pierre (Woo)

Players: Ar Keung, Willie, Eddy, FuSee, WM Leung, Cheong, Pierre, J Law, RJ, Woo, Alwin, Fan, Kevin

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Terrific saves by Ar Keung

RHTWEH United 3
Yau Luen 2

We couldn't have won the game without the superb performance of our goalkeeper. Well done, Ar Keung!!

Goals (Assists): Alwin, Alwin (J Law), Oliver (Eddy)

Attendees: Alwin, Terence, Fan, Oliver, Lung, Eddy, WM, Ar Keung, J Law, Willie, Cheong and Ian