Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Sorry to inform you that the friendly match today at 灣仔公園硬地場 is cancelled.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Coming Match 27/10/09

Please kindly report your availability for the following match.

Date/Time : 27/10/09 (Tue) 6:00-8pm

Venue : 灣仔公園硬地場

vs ?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

If you believe you can, you can.

Yau Luen 3
Life is full of disappointment.
But if you fight till the end, may be you can change something.
The opponents, being a group of cops and students, dominated the opening stage of the game with better positioning and decent passes. The RHTWEH players soon found themselves two goals behind despite big efforts made.
"Are we no match to this team?" The players might have such thought in their mind. But captain Alwin and Armand said no! The brothers converted a beautiful KC Leung's cross to a precious goal. Their belief was further boosted by Yuen, the creative winger, who curled the ball to far post and found the net after hitting the post. The match started off again with leveled score.
We are unfortunately one goal behind again very soon.
A change in formation and position raised the curtain of an unbelievable come back. Woo, the stand-in central back, played upfront as a lone striker. Assisted by Kevin's nice through ball, Woo beat the keeper by a nice turn and placed the ball into the empty net. He then met Yuen's high quality cross with a timely tap-in to make the score 4:3. The game was killed off by Woo's third, again created by his CUHK 94 comrade Kevin.
A comeback against a strong team is unbelievable. A hat trick against a strong team is something you'll never think of. But trust me, if you believe you can, you can!
Starting line up:
Gk: David Tsang
Def: WM Leung, Woo, Willie (Oliver)
Mid: TC Cheung, KH Yuen, Kevin Tsang, (KC Leung, Armand Yeung)
For: Alwin Yeung
(Scorer/ Assist)
1st Armand/ Alwin
2nd Yuen/ Kevin
3rd Woo/ Kevin
4th Woo/ Yuen
5th Woo/ Kevin