Thursday, 20 November 2014

Welcome back, Bong and Eddy !

RH 3

Nice weather. Nice game. Both teammates demonstrated a wonderful recovery from their injuries.

Attendees : Ar Keung, Willie, Lung, WM Leung, Fu See, Eddy, Pierre, Alwin, Bong, J Law, Ka Wai
Scores (Assists) : Ka Wai (J Law), Bong (?), Bong (J Law)

Playing for TWEH : KC, Kevin

Friday, 7 November 2014

Willie almost made it

Chelsea Parents 3

How near we were to a draw! Willie almost made it.

Gk: Keung / FuSee
Def: FuSee / Keung, Leung WM, Cheong, KC, Willie
Mid: Pierre, Woo, Lung, Kevin, Hei, Alwin
For: Fan

Goal: Fan (Pierre), Hei (Kevin)