Thursday, 22 April 2010

Injury-timed killer stunned teenagers

Boehringer 1

We had two different teams here.
Young, well trained and organised visitors faced the mature, experienced but energetic hosts.
Football is just the kind of sport that an advantage on the team's average age is not always tale telling.
Woo, arriving late, equalised the one goal deficit with a well timed right footed drive. Yuen and Kevin were so closed to score the winner, but for one reason and another, the job was eventually done by Captain Alwin, whose thunder-strike found the net at the very far post just before the final whistle was blown.
Maturity won. Good job comrades!!

Gk: Willie/Fu See
Def: Keung, Willie/ FuSee, WM Leung, Lung, Yuen's bro
Mid: KC, Tsang, Derek, Yuen, Alwin
For: Woo, Bu

1st Goal: Woo (assist Alwin)
2nd Goal: Alwin (assist Yuen)

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A Yeung said...

Great review, and so efficient.